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Job Market Personas

The team used a focused process to develop personas that represented our problem statement and jobs to be done through the following methods:

User Research

I conducted thorough user research through LinkedIn. This involved gathering insights from potential users, recruiters, hiring managers, and other relevant stakeholders. The research methods included interviews, surveys, and observations.

Identifying User Segments

Based on the collected data, we identified different user segments within the target audience. These segments included recruiters from various industries, hiring managers with specific requirements, and other individuals involved in the hiring process. Interesting we noted that their are indeed two kinds of recruiters the one the veterans already had a relationship with and the ones that were viewing the veteran's profile when the veterans were unaware.

Analyzing Data and Patterns

We analyzed the research data to identify common patterns, characteristics, and pain points shared among the user segments. This analysis helped in understanding the diverse needs and expectations of the target audience.

Persona Validation

To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the personas, we validated them with real users and stakeholders. Feedback and input were collected to refine and enhance the personas as necessary.

By developing personas, we gained a deeper understanding of the target users, their needs, and the challenges they face. These personas served as valuable references throughout the product development process, helping to guide design decisions, prioritize features, and create a user-centric product that resonates with the intended audience.


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