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Learning the Ropes

I gained some great technical insights from my 1st experience as a Product Manager at Kessel Run's Operations Command & Control Portfolio (OPSC2). While there, I played a key role in integrating legacy data with other KRADOS applications through my Skyhook application. I also had my first exposure to both a combination of internally developed software and industry-standard tools. Here's what I learned:

Understanding the Big Picture:

To effectively manage integration projects, I immersed myself in the overall architecture and objectives. Understanding the inner workings of the Kessel Run All Domain Suite (KRADOS) and its components, such as the shared information database and our hybrid cloud infrastructure, was crucial. This knowledge helped me align my integration efforts with the larger vision of enhancing air campaign operations.

Bridging Applications with Powerful Tools:

Integration projects require robust tools to connect and synchronize applications seamlessly. We utilized internally developed software tailored specifically for our integration needs. This software allowed us to manage APIs effectively and ensured smooth communication between Skyhook, TBMCS, GDS, and other legacy applications. Our internally developed solution provided a reliable and efficient way to integrate the applications within the KRADOS suite.

Continuous Integration and Deployment:

Streamlining the release process was critical for seamless integration. We relied on GitLab as our comprehensive CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) platform. GitLab enabled us to automate build, test, and deployment processes, ensuring rapid and reliable updates to the integrated applications. With GitLab, we achieved efficient iteration cycles and delivered new features to end-users in a timely manner.

Collaboration and Communication:

Effective collaboration and communication were vital for our integration projects. We leveraged Mattermost, a team communication platform, to foster real-time collaboration and discussions among team members. Mattermost served as a centralized hub for knowledge sharing, allowing us to maintain transparency and facilitate seamless communication throughout the integration process.


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