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Nexus Scaled Scrum Framework

The Scrum Nexus Framework is an extension of the Scrum framework that helps organizations scale Scrum across multiple teams working on a single product or project. It provides guidance and structure for coordinating the work of multiple Scrum teams, ensuring that they collaborate effectively and deliver a cohesive product. The framework is based on the idea of a Nexus, which is a group of three to nine Scrum teams working together to develop a single product.

I was the the Product Owner for 3 scrum teams working to deliver a cohesive website product. The role break down was as such for our Nexus:

  • Product Owner: As the Product Owner, I was responsible for defining and communicating the product vision, goals, and roadmap. I worked closely with stakeholders, conducted market research, and prioritized the product backlog to deliver maximum value.

  • Nexus Scrum Master: We had one dedicated Nexus Scrum Master who facilitated the overall Nexus Scrum framework. Their role was to guide and coach the Scrum Masters, foster collaboration among teams, and ensure adherence to Scrum practices at the Nexus level.

  • Team Scrum Masters: We had three Scrum Masters, with one assigned to each of the three cross-functional teams. Their primary role was to facilitate the Scrum process within their respective teams, ensuring adherence to Scrum practices, facilitating daily stand-ups, sprint planning, sprint reviews, and retrospectives.

  • Developers: We had a total of 12 developers, distributed across the three cross-functional teams. These developers possessed diverse skills and expertise relevant to our project. They actively participated in sprint activities, collaborating with the Scrum Masters and Product Owner to deliver high-quality product increments.

The Nexus Scrum framework allowed us to leverage the strengths of the individual roles while fostering collaboration and coordination across teams. As the Product Owner I provided strategic direction, while the Nexus Scrum Master facilitated the overall framework and the team Scrum Masters guided their respective teams. Together, we worked towards delivering valuable product increments, embracing the principles and practices of Agile and Scrum.


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