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Presentations & Marketing

In my role as a Project Management contractor at Freedom Learning Group, I had the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive project involving the development and publication of a marketing course through the Coursera "project network" initiative. This course aimed to equip learners with the skills to create compelling marketing materials using the innovative presentation software, Prezi. Throughout this project, I meticulously followed the project management phases outlined by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

The initiation phase marked the beginning of the project, where the objectives and scope were defined. I collaborated closely with Coursera stakeholders to establish clear goals for the marketing course, ensuring that it aligned with the target audience's needs and the overall vision of the Coursera project network. This involved conducting thorough research on the use of Prezi in marketing and gathering insights from subject matter experts.

Once the course objectives were established, the planning phase commenced. I developed a comprehensive project plan that encompassed the entire lifecycle of the course development, from content creation to publication. This involved identifying key deliverables, creating a work breakdown structure, and defining milestones. I also conducted a risk assessment to identify potential challenges and developed mitigation strategies to address them.

The execution phase involved the actual creation and development of the marketing course. I collaborated with a team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, and content developers to create engaging and informative course content. We designed modules that covered various aspects of marketing using Prezi, such as visual storytelling, effective use of multimedia, and creating impactful presentations. Throughout this phase, I ensured effective communication and coordination among team members, monitoring progress and addressing any issues that arose.

During the monitoring and control phase, I closely monitored the project's progress to ensure it stayed on track. This involved tracking key metrics, such as content development milestones, adherence to the project schedule, and quality assurance. I conducted regular team and stakeholder meetings, providing feedback and support to ensure the course met the established standards and aligned with the Coursera project network's requirements. Any necessary adjustments or corrective actions were implemented during this phase to maintain project integrity.

Finally, in the closing phase, I oversaw the finalization and publication of the marketing course. This involved conducting thorough quality checks and ensuring that all course materials were properly reviewed and edited. I collaborated with the Coursera project network team to meet the required standards for course publication.

By leveraging the expertise of the team, following a systematic approach, and incorporating the innovative features of Prezi, the marketing course developed under this project aimed to empower learners to create impactful marketing materials for their businesses using cutting-edge presentation techniques and it did just that!


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