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Product Vision

The Problem:

In today's oversaturated job market, where major tech companies are facing layoffs, experienced scrum masters flood the market. Recruiters are willing to engage with candidates based on their military background, but it remains challenging for individuals like Grady to convince them of the relevancy of their military experience to the role of a Scrum master. Current methods of sharing their Agile for Patriots cohort experience, such as sending links to cohort pages, have not yielded the desired results, often leading to missed opportunities.

The Solution:

We envision a product that will speak for itself, effectively representing the Agile for Patriots cohort experience and captivating the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Building upon the evolution of previous cohort pages, our product will succinctly tell the story of how participants gained valuable experience, highlighting the roles each member played and the challenges encountered along the way. The product will be designed to be easily digestible, requiring minimal time and effort from the audience, and avoiding extensive scrolling and clicking. It will adapt to technological and job market environmental changes, standing out as a powerful tool to showcase the unique journey of the Agile for Patriots participants.

Product Vision:

Our vision is to create a game-changing product that effectively showcases the experience gained through the Agile for Patriots program, enabling individuals like Grady to bridge the gap between their military background and the role of an experienced Scrum master. We aim to revolutionize the way recruiters and hiring managers perceive and understand the value of this unique experience, ultimately opening up doors for meaningful conversations.


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